Multi-Part Verbs

Choose the best multi-part verb to complete the sentences:

take up - get across - set up - put on - go through with - turn up - be into - back out

1. What do American footballers have to wear?
They have to helmets and protective clothes.
2. Kátia and Roseane have exercising at Runner.
The problem is that they miss too many classes.
3. He was very nervous and couldn't the bungee jump.
4. Ann waited for Tom for ages but he never .
5. What kind of music do you like?
I used to listen to romantic music but now I rock.
6. Ann was going to Australia but her friend and she decided not to go by herself.
7. Let's the TV and the DVD in my bedroom.
8. The teacher all the exercises so well that the students had no doubts.