I HAD my car FIXED last week.



1. We use the structure have/get something done when we want to say that we ask someone else to do something for us.
Compare the sentences:
I fixed the washing machine. (I did it myself)
I had my washing machine fixed. (I asked someone to fix it for me)


Tense have/get something done
Present Simple I have/get my hair cut.
Past Simple I had/got my hair cut.
Present Continuous I'm having/getting my hair cut.
Past Continuous I was having/getting my hair cut.
Present Perfect I have had my hair cut.
Past Perfect I had had my hair cut.
will I will have my hair cut.
must I must have my hair cut.
be going to I'm going to have my hair cut.

2. We use CAUSATIVE HAVE to show that you ask someone to do something.
(have + someone + infinitive without TO.)

I had my sister do my exercises.
They had their mothers pick them at school.

3. We use CAUSATIVE GET to show the idea that someone convinces another person to do something.
(get + someone + infinitive WITH TO)

I got her to let me copy her homework.
He'll get them to arrive before 10 pm.

4. We use CAUSATIVE MAKE to show the idea 'to force someone to do something'.
(make + someone + infinitive without TO.)

The mother made her kid do his homework.
Did teacher make you memorize all the poem?


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